The Romanoffs raised some eyebrows with its first trailer — the size of the amazing ensemble cast alone seemed wildly ambitious, and left us wondering how Matthew Weiner could gracefully juggle all these interconnected story lines. But the new trailer for the Mad Men creator’s Amazon series comes with some additional details that shed light on Weiner’s approach: It’s an anthology.

Each of the series’ eight episodes centers on a different character who claims to be descended from the Romanoffs — the storied Russian family who ruled the country until they were executed in a violent revolution. The family has been romanticized in pop culture over the years; although debunked, one woman’s claim that she was Anastasia Romanoff and had survived the slaughter inspired the animated film Anastasia.

And now Weiner is putting his spin on the Russian royal family with a cast made up of pretty much every actor you love — including Isabelle Huppert! — playing an assortment of characters who try to cash-in on the Romanoff name. While the legitimacy of each claim is highly questionable, it serves as the unifying thread throughout the series; every character’s life revolves around the belief that they are descended from the Romanoffs, and it colors the various conflicts in their stories.

Here are a bunch of the awesome actors you can expect to see in The Romanoffs, including a few familiar faces from Mad Men: Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Isabelle Huppert, Amanda Peet, Corey Stoll, Andrew Rannells (Girls reunion!), Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dunne (I Love Dick reunion!), Kerry Bishe, Diane Lane, Jay R. Ferguson, Aaron Eckhart, Paul Reiser, Noah Wyle, Jack Huston, Mary Kay Place, Ron Livingston, and Radha Mitchell.

The first two episodes of The Romanoffs will hit Amazon on Friday, October 12.

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