Duplass Brothers Set HBO Hotel Anthology Series 'Room 104'
There are literally dozens of us who miss HBO’s Duplass-fueled Togetherness, but don’t count the pair anywhere off the network just yet. Instead, they’re checking in again to a new anthology series dubbed Room 104, following the comings-and-goings of a solitary hotel room. So, American Duplass Story: Hotel, basically.
'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Footage Debuts in HBO 2016 Promo
HBO has been cranking up the Game of Thrones marketing early for Season 6, first a poster, then a trailer teasing Jon Snow’s return, and before 2015 is even out, we’ve been blessed with the first footage. See Dany’s new digs, and Cersei’s new ‘do in the first official Game of Thrones Season 6 footage!
'Girls' Season 5, 'Vinyl' Get February 2016 HBO Premeires
Granted we’ve barely made it out of October, HBO has us accustomed to a certain winter premiere schedule, among it the girls of Girls heading back to Brooklyn in January. Now, HBO seems to have shifted its schedule a bit, pushing premieres of Girls Season 5, Scorsese-Jagger rock drama Vinyl, and Mark Duplass’ Togetherness to February 2016.
Monday Morning Critic: Is Marvel's 'Agent Carter' Any Good?
In the past, I’ve taken an approach towards pilots that I will occasionally deploy here in the ‘MMC’: The 5 Questions And 500 Words approach. The title pretty much serves as a descriptor: Instead of overloading both you the reader and I the critic with an avalanche of words about all major pilots about to premiere, I’ll cut to the chase as quickly as possible in order to save you time and me some sanity. It’s hopefully a win-win situation. With that in mind, here are three such reviews about showing premiering over the next seven days.