We’ve seen HBO struggling to launch major hits in the last few years, comedy in particular, and now the Duplass brothersTogetherness has come apart as well. The second season will finish out on HBO, but won’t live to see a third.

Per Deadline, HBO made a decision not to renew the comedy starring Mark Duplass, Amanda Peet, Melanie Lynskey and Steve Zizzis five episodes into its sophomore season. That said, the cancellation might not necessarily dispel some kind of wrap-up feature, as had been the case for Looking and Hello Ladies.

Says the network:

Although we have decided not to proceed with another season of Togetherness, we look forward to continuing our strong creative collaboration with the talented Jay and Mark Duplass.

Duplass also took to Twitter to thank fans for their support:

In the meantime, the show’s final episode will air on April 10, but was Togetherness taken before its time? Might we ever see the series again, given the Duplass brothers’ ongoing HBO relationship?

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