Under the Dome

CBS 'Under the Dome' Canceled After Three Seasons
CBS hasn’t had tremendous luck with its higher-profile summer shows, Under the Dome bleeding viewers and critics alike with each year, and at last the dome will be coming down in more ways than one. The network has confirmed the September 10 finale will be the show’s last, cancelling the Stephen King adaptation after three seasons.
CBS Access to Offer Subscription Streaming Service
HBO surprised the TV world yesterday with the announcement of a standalone streaming option for the reclusive network, but it isn't the only TV giant looking to secure a streaming future. CBS has announced (and launched) its own pay-service to give non-cable users access to their library of content, calling the new innovation "CBS Access."
TV Needs to Stop Lying to Us About Its One Season Wonders
Don’t any of these people know what a miniseries is anymore? In today’s TV landscape there are anthology series, “event series,” reboots, and relaunches. There are shows that were meant as series, but then given endings because they’re never coming back, and series that give themselves an series finale only to be given a reprieve at the last minute a million times
'Under the Dome' Season 2 Sets June Premiere
We didn't bother keeping up with CBS' Stephen King drama, 'Under the Dome,' in its initial 2013 run, given how far-fetched the sci-fi story quickly became, but will the people of Chester's Mill have a brighter day in season 2? CBS has officially set a premiere for Dean Norris and co. to return, along with a date for Stephen Spielberg-Halle Berry drama 'Extant.'
'Under the Dome' is Coming Back!
Well, this should come as no major surprise, considering the debut ratings alone, but it seems 'Under the Dome' has officially booked a lengthy stay in the fictional Chester's Mill. CBS has officially announced that the Stephen King-adapted series will return for a second season of 13 episodes in summer 2014, but will anything about the overall story change now that 'Under the Dome' has escaped th
Comic-Con 2013: CBS ‘Under the Dome’ and ‘Intelligence’ Schedule Panels
For as many TV series as we know to be locks for Comic-Con 2013, we take particular interest in the new shows that decide to show off their wares at the internationally famous pop-culture celebration. The latest to join the fray are CBS's breakout summer hit 'Under the Dome' and the upcoming Josh Holloway ('LOST') vehicle 'Intelligence,' but who from the series will be on hand to present at the pa
Watch ‘Under the Dome’ Online: Full Pilot Released
Quite a few fans (around 13 million) went 'Under the Dome' for last night's big premiere of CBS's breakout summer series, all but assuring the Stephen King adaptation will be here to stay for the near future. As for those who have yet to discover the mystery for themselves, why wait until next week when CBS has put the entirety of last night's pilot episode online to watch?

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