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‘The Snowman’ Trailer: Michael Fassbender Hunts a Killer
Michael Fassbender’s serial killer thriller The Snowman is one of our most anticipated movies of the fall, and for good reason. The latest trailer for it gives an extremely creepy Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vibe, as a serial killer re-emerges from hiding with the first fallen snow and embarks on his next killing spree, which turns out to be a lot more than what it looks like on the surface.
Richard Stanley May Get to Direct His ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’
Richard Stanley’s The Island of Dr. Moreau — which can hardly be called “Richard Stanley’s The Island of Dr. Moreau,” as he was fired from production only three days after it started — joined the storied halls of notoriously troubled film production disasters shortly after its release, and was even the subject of a documentary, David Gregory’s Lost Souls, that attempted to explain how the movie went so wrong. Luckily for Stanley, his long-in-development passion project might be resurrected again, twenty years after the first try.
Paramount Sets a Blockbuster Release Date for ‘Top Gun 2’
Let me make this perfectly clear: I’m less of a Top Gun fan and more of a fan of putting Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in more blockbuster movies, but the end result is pretty much the same: I am ready for a little Top Gun 2 action. The long-rumored film — or perhaps just long-desired film — was finally confirmed by Cruise earlier this year, and now Paramount Pictures is cranking up the movie-making machine to deliver on the promise of more midair dogfights and subtle homoeroticism. With Cruise back, and Kilmer hopefully soon to follow, this could be the perfect throwback to the heydays of studio filmmaking of the late ’80s and early ’90s.
Val Kilmer Is Ready to Reprise Iceman in ‘Top Gun 2’
Tom Cruise was very excited to announce earlier this week that Top Gun 2 is officially happening, and it looks like at least one of the original movie’s stars is extremely ready to get back in the cockpit. Val Kilmer played Top Gun’s Iceman, and he wants us all to know that he is so ready to come back.
Every Ridiculous Thing People Do in ‘Song to Song’
When an actor works with Terrence Malick it means throwing out everything they’ve ever learned in drama school or on a film set. Whatever script they might have initially read goes out the window, and Malick asks his performers to just, be. Maybe he’ll hand an actor a scrap of paper with am aphorism written across it. Maybe he’ll give them some minor stage direction, then let the camera follow from there. Michael Fassbender recently described Malick’s style as giving his cast “flavors as opposed to direct commands or instructions.” Some actors love it; others notoriously hate it.

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