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Turn Wayne Manor Into a Fun House With LEGO’s The Joker Manor Set
Batman always gets all the headlines and the coolest toys, and that can leave his greatest villains feeling like they've been left out in the cold. The same can't quite be said for Bruce Wayne however, whom the villains of Gotham have no problem taking advantage of in the most devious ways. When the Joker was given the chance to take over Wayne Manor in The LEGO Batman Movie, we got a glimpse at what life would be like if the Clown Prince was the richest man in Gotham. Now LEGO is giving us that same chance with the new The Joker Manor set based on its appearance in that movie.
DC Comics Announces a New ‘Death of Superman’ Animated Movie
Given the current (and nonsensical) divide between Marvel and DC movie fans, there must also be a similar divide between fans of the DCEU and Warner Bros. Animation, right? Fans who roll their eyes at the news that Ben Affleck might leave The Batman but who soak up every rumor and tidbit about the next batch of animated movies? If that’s the case, they have to consider themselves as having the upper hand on their opponents these days. Given the ongoing questions about the DCEU franchise, the animated movies are looking like the smoothest of smooth operations by comparison. And they’re even pulling in good reviews to boot!
Batman Will Go Steampunk in Animated ‘Gotham By Gaslight’
While the unholy war between DC and Marvel movies continues unabated on the internet, fans of the former certainly seem to have a leg up when it comes to animated movies. DC Animation, the animated branch of their comic book empire, has confidently been churning out high-quality animated movies while the movie franchise is discussed ad naseum, leading some fans to suggest that DC Animation, not DC Films, is the true powerhouse of the comic book company’s film market. DC Animation is so prolific - and often so much fun - that we even tackled a comprehensive ranking of all the movies released through 2016. Spoiler alert: Batman: Year One is still the best.