That ‘Wicked’ Movie Finally Has a Release Date
If the time it’s taken for Universal to get their film adaptation of Wicked off the ground is any indication, then we could be waiting a very, very long time for a movie version of Hamilton (musical nerds, take heart: Lin-Manuel Miranda is filming his final performance). Today brings some long-awaited good news for fans of Wicked, however, as Universal has officially set a 2019 release date for the project. Grab your broomsticks, or whatever you need to rejoice properly.
The ‘Wicked’ Movie Is Still in the Works, Possibly Coming in 2016
Last week, the highest-grossing show on Broadway was ‘Wicked,’ a musical adaptation of the book by Gregory Maguire that reimagines ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from the witches’ perspective. The week before that, the highest-grossing show on Broadway was also ‘Wicked.’ Since opening on Broadway in 2003, the show has been a perennial top-seller; last year, more than a decade into its New York run, it was the second-biggest show on Broadway after Disney’s ‘The Lion King.’ The thing is a juggernaut; you could drop ten houses on it, it wouldn’t stop.