We're still a bit in shock over this afternoon's events, excited that 'The Walking Dead' had officially been renewed for a fourth season, but puzzled why show-runner Glen Mazzara would depart the series. In any case, news continues to trickle out regarding AMC's future 'Walking Dead' plans, which now we've learned to include giving much more prominent placement to the Chris Hardwicke-hosted talk-show 'Talking Dead' when season 3 resumes in February. Find out the new changes inside!

'The Walking Dead' certainly has some changes in store as it moves into the second half of its acclaimed third season, and even more moving into season 4. Not all changes are bad however, as we've learned from the recent press announcements the 'Walking Dead' follow-up special 'Talking Dead' will be getting a much-deserved boost in the second half of the season.

In addition to expanding from 30 minutes to a full hour, AMC will now air 'Talking Dead' immediately following new episodes at 10:00pm. Previously, AMC would repeat the episode first before launching into the 'Talking Dead' segments at 11:00 p.m. The move also likely reflects AMC's continued commitment to Sunday night reality series, which previously followed 'Talking Dead.'

What say you? Announcements of 'The Walking Dead's season 4 show-runner are sure to be announced, but is 'Talking Dead's expansion enough good news to save the day? What do you hope to see when 'The Walking Dead' returns?