It'll always be a shame to us that Norm MacDonald never took off the way Will Ferrell did following 'Saturday Night Live.'  Both great 'Saturday Night Live' stars and breakout performers, yet MacDonald never found the film success or popularity of Ferrell in any of his comedies.  But, you know what Will Ferrell never had?  His own talk show on TBS!

Along with the impressive slate of development from Turner properties TNT and TBS, TBS has announced the development of new talk show 'Norm MacDonald is Trending,' something akin to a cross between 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' and 'Tosh.0,' utilizing MacDonald's trademark deadpan brand of humor.

Produced by some of the executive producers behind 'Sports Show with Norm MacDonald' and 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' the 'SNL' alumnus and former "Weekend Update" anchor hosts as he and his team of correspondents sort through the "churning mass of pop culture and social media to pull out the funniest, most bizarre and entertaining events so you don’t have to."

MacDonald's previous series 'Sports Show with Norm MacDonald' failed to garner a renewal from Comedy Central after its debut in 2011, but MacDonald has also kept busy as the host and commentator for the Game Show Network's 'High Stakes Poker.'

What say you?  Does 'Norm MacDonald' is trending sound like a good fit for the comedian?  Which of TBS' upcoming development has you the most excited?  Give us your own pitches in the comments!

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