Ok kiddies, get your fur coats and fangs ready, because the popular teen series 'Teen Wolf' has just been greenlit for another season, allowing actors in their mid-thirties to continue playing teenagers while telling mom and dad they still have jobs.

Announced today at Comic-Con, MTV stated that they've ordered 24 more episodes of the series that focuses on outsider Scott McCall, who has to deal with all of the problems and perks when he discovers he can turn into a werewolf.

David Janollari, head of MTV programming, and one of the people who makes sure music videos never get shown on television ever again, had this to say:

Teen Wolf represents a terrific foray into the scripted world for the millennial MTV audience and marks tremendous success in the continued diversification of our schedule. Renewing the show for a third season celebrates the creative vision of executive producer Jeff Davis and the remarkable talent of the cast who bring this bona fide fan favorite to life.

What in the hell is he talking about. They must have awesome puff-puff parties over in the MTV offices for this guy to use the words "creative vision" when describing a show based off of a movie that came out years ago. More like "lack of creative vision."

'Teen Wolf' is currently in its second season and is the top series in its time period for ages 12-34, averaging 1.8 million viewers every week. That's the 1.8 million people who probably hold up the lines at Disneyland because they're too busy texting about which wolf is cuter -- the guy in this series or Taylor Lautner.