Ah, that special time of year when our favorite shows hopefully find renewal, and where some of the worse efforts of the season make their last stand.  We don't sit around penting our fingers in nefarious malevolence toward FOX's 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter', but there's nothing wrong with a little schadenfreude now and again. It would seem that Jaime Pressly sitcom 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' might be on its way out, as its low ratings and critical revulsion have turned FOX's hand to a decidedly dark decision. 

Rather than continue on with 'Teenage Daughter's mid-season run, the network has opted to abort its plan to move the sitcom to Wednesdays in favor of extending 'American Idol' performance episodes an additional half-hour.

The plan had been to continue on with 90-minute episodes of 'Idol,' and it remains unclear precisely what changed FOX's mind about 'Teenage Daughter,' but the struggling sitcom will end its current run of episodes on April 3, to pick up the final leg of its freshman season sometime during the summer.  Deadline even goes as far to suggest that the series may well have already been cancelled by that point.

Have you kept up with 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' at all?  It might not be streets ahead of 'Idol' or other programming out there, but in a world where 'Community' takes forced hiatuses, don't we think everyone deserves a fair shake?

Let us know your reaction, or if you simply hate 'Teenage Daughter' in the comments below!