Breaking news: I just looked at a calendar, and it appears that the year 2015 is very nearly over. That can’t be possible, because as we all know, the year began earlier this week and it cannot possibly already be December and why does time move so fast and is this what it feels like to be aware of death? But even if it does bring us one step closer to our inexorable demise, 2016 is shaping up to be a pretty solid year. For one, it marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, agreed on by many as the high-water mark of the franchise.

In commemoration of the film’s quadranscentennial (keep that one in your pocket for when you need strangers at anniversary parties to think you’re smart), Studiocanal will team with China’s production house DMG to re-release T2 into theaters with an all-new 3D restoration.

The original film drew a lot of praise for the groundbreaking visual effects that director James Cameron was able to cook up, in particular the reflective-liquid-metal of the villainous T-1000, which incorporated one of the earliest instances of motion-capture technology. Audiences will get the chance to experience these aged breakthroughs anew while the younger set may be able to take on these thrills anew. Though, of course, younger viewers walking into T2 for the first time run the risk of feeling underwhelmed due to a lack of context; the effects were astonishing twenty-five years ago, but the creeping liquid-silver arm of the T-1000 will be something children have seen a hundred time before.

Either way, it should be a pleasure to see one of the finest recent American blockbusters in the hushed movie theater. Variety first reported the news, but has no indication of when the restoration will run. Our guess? Early July, right around the July 3rd anniversary date.