As heartbreaking as we know it to be when our favorite shows face cancellation, the worst happens when the series ends on a note to go forever unresolved.  FOX's big-budget sci-fi actioner 'Terra Nova' certainly failed to connect with audiences, but nonetheless grew more interesting toward the end of its first season, as new time-traveling mysteries were poised to loom over the second season.  FOX ultimately decided not to go through with another year, but how can fans finally get the closure they've always wanted?  By designing their own ending, of course!

With the complete series of 'Terra Nova' due out on DVD September 11, FOX has initiated a contest for fans to create their own ending to the series with the help of motion comics and editing software.  The official website allows fans to download dozens of high quality graphics and media assets, in order to stitch together an ending for the elusive story.

The best entries will be chosen by Fox Home Entertainment to be featured in the official video gallery, so what are you waiting for?  How would you have ended the series, which last saw our time-traveling heroes defending their colony from future villains?  What would the significance of that 18th century masthead have been?

Create your own ending for the series, pick up 'Terra Nova: The Complete Series' on DVD, and tell us how you'd have ended the series in the comments below!

Terra Nova Choose Your Own Ending