In news that comes as neither surprising nor exciting (it was hinted at a few days ago), it has been officially announced that a sequel to the successful-enough 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' has been greenlit and shooting will commence later this year. But that's not the most interesting part.

The title of the film will be 'Texas Chainsaw 4, and you're correct in thinking that title makes little sense at all.

While there have been seven films in the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' universe including remakes and prequels, 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' was a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper's original 1974 classic. Calling this latest installment 'Texas Chainsaw 4' would mean it's a follow-up to the third film in the original continuity, 'Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3' (which starred a young Viggo Mortensen, incidentally).

However, that would prove to be confusing to the millions upon millions of people who haven't seen 'Leatherface', so we're guessing 'Texas Chainsaw 4' is either a misunderstanding or typo or perhaps it'll be 'Texas Chainsaw 4D' and Leatherface will actually be harassing moviegoers with power tools in the theater?

Whatever the case, just know that the 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' $21 million opening weekend was good enough to grease the gears of yet another sit-down with that hefty cannibalistic Texan. (Although shooting will take place in Louisiana.)  It's unclear if director John Luessenhop will be back, or if Lionsgate will once again distribute.

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