Leatherface must be getting really old, you guys. Just look at how high his pants are pulled up in the latest poster for 'Texas Chainsaw 3D.' Maybe he's just using the chainsaw to get these damn kids of his lawn.

The latest entry in the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' saga hits theaters in January -- ignoring the previous sequels, remakes, and prequels, the film acts as a direct sequel to the 1974 original, and the new poster's tagline capitalizes on that, reading, "In 1974, one movie changed the face of horror. In 2013, a dark new chapter begins." Okay, so it's not exactly powerful or snappy, but we like the wordplay -- get it? "The face of horror!" Because Leatherface skins people and uses their faces for masks!

In 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' the Newt family have been proven responsible for a string of missing persons cases, as was long suspected by residents of the town, who descend upon their home and burn it to the ground. Decades later a young woman inherits an old Victorian home from a grandmother she never knew, but when she takes a trip with her friends to claim the home, they find something horrifying awaits.

This newest poster is way more stylish than the first one that was released, but man -- we cannot get over Leatherface's personal fashion choices here. It's all very Urkel. Maybe when he kills someone and takes their face off he can be all, "Did I dooooo thaaaaat?" And we'll all have a good laugh.


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