Jenova Chen, president of Thatgamecompany, has dropped a few hints about its next game. Just what is in store for us from the creators of classics like Flower, Flow and Journey?

In an interview with The Telegraph, Chen talks about what the company of 14 people are going to do now that it's been a little over a year since Journey wowed gamers. The first thing they're going to do is bring Flower to the Vita. While that might not be what fans who are waiting for the next great game from them want to hear, Chen did say that they've started work on a new title.

The new game won't be coming any time soon, but it is coming. "It’s been almost a year now and we are still in a very pre, pre-production mode," Chen said. "It’s always been the pattern of Thatgamecompany that we spent 75 per cent of time doing R&D and a smaller portion of time on production. When we go for a particular goal we have to do a lot of trial and error. It can feel like you are reaching out in the fog trying to find something.”

Since they've already created an experience centered around strangers on the internet, Chen said that they might explore the same thing kind of theme, but "among people who know each other."

Here's to hoping that they'll craft a moving experience once more. How long would you be willing to wait for another game like Journey or Flower? Let us know in the comments below.