It's surprising that it's taken this long for a studio to capitalize on the success 'The Dark Knight Rises' (and 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol') had with its opening sequence IMAX preview. But now 'Men in Black 3' will have six minutes of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' in front of its IMAX screenings. Win-win.

We first heard this from Collider, but for all the details and screens, you can go to the facebook page of  'The Amazing Spider-Man.' Across the board, this is a good decision. For one, if you can't cut six minutes of exciting footage (which they already have) from 'Spider-Man' then you're toast. But since they have six minutes to sell you're going to get some audience members to see 'Men in Black' just to check out the footage, while people there for 'MIB' might get excited (or more excited) about seeing the new version of Spidey.

This starts with the midnight screenings on Thursday, and the facebook site should list all locations. In 2002, the first 'Spider-Man' hit screens, and 'Men in Black II' was in theaters. Later in the summer, the two were paired up for a double feature, so this isn't the first time Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have danced with the web-slinger.

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