After making an appearance at WonderCon this weekend, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' has ramped up its viral marketing. Although the footage from the movie shown at the fan convention in Anaheim this past weekend was the same eight minutes premiered around the world via satellite a few weeks back, the upcoming Columbia Pictures release has added a new wrinkle in the form of a website.

Sony has just launched where registrants are asked to report any "sightings" they may have of the wallcrawler's mark  -- conveniently tagged in locations around various cities by an earlier batch of recruits -- in order to help New York City police catch the so-called "masked vigilante."

In case you needed any convincing, the site features a video report from the Daily Bugle in which Captain George Stacy (Denis Leary) lets the public know that Spider-Man is not a "hero", but a "criminal" and a "dangerous individual" who needs to be stopped. He also provides a handy hotline number to call if you spot the "menace in red tights."

If you call the number (877-651-8503), it simply directs you back to the website, so it looks like that will be the center of viral action to come in the months ahead as 'The Amazing Spider-Man' swings toward its July 3rd release.