Whether or not you believe the massively rated and Emmy-winning CBS comedy 'The Big Bang Theory' deserves to rank among the better sitcoms of our age, the guest-star heavy three-camera series is getting a visit from one of the all-time greats. Legendary 'Bob Newhart Show' star and sitcom great Bob Newhart will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of 'The Big Bang Theory,' but what about him could be such a big deal to Sheldon and Leonard?

We'd love to wake up one morning and realize that 'The Big Bang Theory' was nothing more than one of Jim Parsons' dreams, but sitcom legend Bob Newhart has already used that bit. Is it any surprise then, that Bob Newhart himself, one of comedy's all-time greats, will soon grace 'The Big Bang Theory' with an upcoming appearance?

According to TVLine, six-time Emmy nominee Newhart will appear as "Professor Proton," a personal hero of Sheldon's who hosted his favorite children's science program, and figured into Leonard's childhood as well. Once Sheldon discovers that Professor Proton makes professional appearances, the neurotic scientist naturally hires the legend to come grace their apartment, in an episode set to air on May 2.

'The Big Bang Theory' will return with all-new episodes on Thursday, April 4, but what say you? Are you excited to see sitcom legend Bob Newhart making a rare appearance on CBS' monster-hit? Who would you like to see Sheldon hanging out with next?

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