Who wants to wait a full week for fresh footage of 'The Big Bang Theory' season 6 premiere "The Date Night Variable," when we've go a sneak peek clip right here? After all, it isn't every sitcom that plausibly gets to go to outer space, so why not enjoy it? And just because Howard Wolowitz is up in space, doesn't mean that he'll be any further away from the domineering influence of his mother! Will he successfully man up and move out?

While 'The Big Bang Theory' season 6 premiere "The Date Night Variable" won't officially debut until Thursday, September 27, you don't have to wait that long for the adventures of Howard Wolowitz... in space! The first official clip from the show's sixth season shows the engineer having successfully made it off-planet, but no further from the shrill voice of his mother, who has learned of his plans to move out with his new wife Bernadette.

Still, can 'The Big Bang Theory' be 'The Big Bang Theory' without Howard constantly oppressed by his mother, even as a newlywed? And where's Bernadette's voice in all this? What of the other couples on the verge of disaster, back on earth?

Check out the first clip from the premiere of 'The Big Bang Theory' season 6, "The Date Night Variable," below and be sure to tune in for its actual airing September 27!