Normally, one would think the moment a TV series goes to space, they've officially jumped the shark.  Thankfully in the case of 'The Big Bang Theory,' space is par for the course of physicists and engineers!  Soon the fall TV season will return from orbit bringing with it all-new episodes of your favorite series, including everyone's favorite nerdly sitcom.  But as the first promo shows, could going to space end in disaster?  What other relationships might be orbiting doom?

CBS has unveiled the first promos for its returning fall series, today with our best look yet at 'The Big Bang Theory' season 6.  As the new promo shows, even the vast openness of outer space isn't enough to escape Howard Wolowitz's mother, while back on Earth his best friend Raj doesn't seem to be getting any less lonely.

Plus, is there trouble brewing for Amy and Sheldon?  The pair seemed to be getting so close (well, close for them) when Sheldon grabbed her hand instinctively during season 5 finale "The Countdown Reflection," but could the added pressure have pushed them further apart?

Beginning Thursday September 27, the sixth season of producer Chuck Lorre's nerd-friendly comedy will also upgrade recurring guest star Kevin Sussman to series regular, becoming a close new friend to Raj in the wake of everyone's mutual pairings.  Speaking of which, what's going to happen between Leonard and Penny?

All the answers will be revealed when 'The Big Bang Theory' season 6 premieres in just a few short weeks, so check out hte promo below and tell us what you're most looking forward to seeing in the comments!