Given that so few 'Big Bang Theory' stars were available for the recent Comic-Con 2013 panel, the actual discussion among the writers proved somewhat frugal with spoilers of the upcoming seventh season. That all changes, however, with the ongoing TCA press tour panel, as we've learned that the September 26 premiere will expand to a full hour, while former 'Southland' star Regina King will return, as well.

Though not originally planned as an hourlong premiere, 'The Big Bang Theory' season 7 opener will instead feature two back-to-back episodes, pushing the debut of new Will Arnett comedy series 'The Millers' back to October 3. The double 'Bang' will help launch Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'The Crazy Ones' at 9:00 p.m., competing against NBC's 'The Michael J. Fox Show.'

Meanwhile, King will reprise her role as the university's director of human resources, Janine Davis, last seen being fought over by the main characters for a tenured position. Seeing as the sixth season never fully resolved the thread, we'd expect King's return to have something to do with the same idea.

'The Big Bang Theory' season 7 will pick up some months after the events of season 6 finale "The Bon Voyage Reaction," showing Leonard on his arctic cruise while Raj explores his newfound ability to talk to women without alcohol. Stay tuned for the latest on the season 7 premiere, and tell us in the comments what other 'Big Bang Theory' guest stars you'd want to see return!

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