'The Conjuring' is quickly turning into one of our most anticipated movies of the summer, let alone of the horror genre. Now this new trailer from the UK showcases some new bits of footage, stressing all the pop-out scares and that freaky "look what she made me do" line.

So what did "she" make this ghost do, exactly? Something awful 'cause this spirit is hella mad. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are paranormal hunters, the latter of which has some psychic abilities that allow her to see really disturbing stuff like someone hanging from a tree. But that's only the very tip of the iceberg when they come to investigate one ghost-tormented family who are quite literally terrorized nightly by a horde of violent beings.

'The Conjuring' opens July 19 and we're excited to see a fresher take on the ghost-horror genre compared to the overdone 'Paranormal Activity' series. Check out the trailer below: