Hey, you remember The Croods? Maybe not. In 2013, DreamWorks Animation released an animated comedy about a family of cavemen (cavepeople?) who are forced to survive in the wilderness after their home is destroyed. As far as kids’ movies go, The Croods wasn’t terrible, and did come with some A-list voice talent in Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds. Most importantly, though, it made a tremendous amount of money, earning half a billion dollars worldwide and kicking off immediate plans for a sequel.

That was then. According to a new story in Variety (via Collider), Universal Studios has decided not to move forward with The Croods 2, making the film one of the first casualties of the new organizational structure at Comcast. As the article notes, when Comcast purchased DreamWorks Animation earlier this year, it placed creative control of its newest company at the discretion of Universal Pictures, and the two studios have spent the intervening months reviewing DreamWorks’ slate of upcoming projects.

Very few people involved in the project seem surprised that Universal decided to give The Croods 2 the axe  —  the article notes that it had long been a troubled production  —  but it is still surprising to see any Hollywood studio pass on any project with a $500 million dollar precedent. We are so used to seeing the major studios deliver a half-baked project rather than risk a film missing its moment, and with animation films being one of the safest box office bets of 2016, The Croods 2 likely could have been bad and still earned a chunk of change.

So while the Croods may have found their way to safety after being forced out of their home, it looks like The Croods franchise itself cannot say the same. Rest in peace, you little lovable cavepeople. It’s not your fault you weren’t the apex predator in the animation industry.

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