Quantic Dream, the team responsible for Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, unveiled a tech demo for the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013. Given Quantic Dream's history of dialogue-based, cinematic games that focus on exquisite facial features, The Dark Sorcerer's teaser does not disappoint.

The precursory message played at the beginning of the trailer tells us that this footage is not from any type of game in development, but was specifically made to show the level of detail that the PS4 can provide.

The video shows a magician delving into the black arts with his Igor-like goblin assistant by his side. The visuals that occur during this spell sequence are nothing short of amazing, and set the standard for future game developers to try and surpass. The last 30 seconds of the video reminds us The Dark Sorcerer was a ruse that focuses on presentation.

Though this is not an actual game, but merely a tech demo showcasing the graphics capabilities of the PS4, we now wish that The Dark Sorcerer was a real title being developed.