The first TV spot for 'The Equalizer' is here, featuring Denzel Washington going pretty hard on some really crooked guys and a brand new song from Eminem and Sia. And in the grand tradition of Denzel Washington films, it looks like you do not want to get on his bad side, ever.

This new TV spot for 'The Equalizer' is basically a condensed version of the extended trailer currently playing in theaters, which features a new song by Eminem and Sia called "Guts Over Fear." It also gives us more of a sense of what kind of guy Washington's McCall is: sort of a modern day, morally gray white knight in an era where heroism and chivalry are dead. The extended trailer in theaters elaborates on this more, with Washington telling Chloe Moretz's young prostitute character about a book he's reading, in which the hero is a knight transported to a century where knights no longer exist. Metaphors!

'The Equalizer' is directed by Washington's pal Antoine Fuqua, and follows McCall, a man who attempts to evade his mysterious past and start a quiet, peaceful life, until he takes revenge on the criminals who put a young prostitute (Moretz) in the hospital -- and discovers he's gotten on the bad side of the Russian mob.

The film also stars Melissa Leo, Bill Pullman, and Martin Csokas, and hits theaters on September 26.

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