It's been over a year since we first heard that 'The Exorcist' was up for the TV miniseries reboot treatment, even though original novel author and film screenwriter William Peter Blatty categorically denied the report. Now, it seems the iconic horror thriller has once again twisted its neck toward television as an event series, with a new take on the material to be penned by 'Fantastic Four' reboot writer Jeremy Slater.

News of the potential 'Exorcist' event series comes to us via Deadline, who explain that the upcoming 40th anniversary TV treatment will again be backed Morgan Creek and produced by Roy Lee, executive producer of ‘The Departed’ and ‘The Ring.’ The previous incarnation had been written by 'Martha Marcy May Marlene’ writer and director Sean Durkin, though it remains unclear why production never moved forward.

As of yet, no network has swooped in to score rights to Slater's 'Exorcist' TV series adaptation, which will present a different take on the source material than Durkin's. Rather than simply adapt the same story as the 1973 film, Durkin’s adaptation was to focus on the time leading up to the girl’s demonic possession, particularly it’s after-effect and the family’s struggle to cope with the horrific development. Only after medical and psychiatric explanation failed would the family have turned to the church, bringing in Father Damien Karras to enact the famous exorcism.

Both broadcast and cable networks have expressed interest in acquiring the new 'Exorcist' limited series, but what say you? Will 'The Exorcist' TV reboot live up to the legendary horror or the original? Will the power of Christ compel you to watch regardless?