The twisted minds behind The Purge franchise are at it again — and so is their brilliant marketing team. Universal has officially announced the next chapter in the increasingly socio-political horror series with a new teaser poster incorporating a certain very famous red baseball cap. Get ready for The First Purge.

The Universal Horror Twitter account shared the below image, and it’s pretty self-explanatory:

Whoever is in charge of the marketing for The Purge deserves a damn raise, and here’s why: Last year, it was revealed that Donald Trump had already begun the process of plotting a 2020 presidential bid. His slogan? “Keep America Great” — which just so happens to also be the tagline for The Purge: Election Year. It’s like he’s just giving this stuff away.

And Universal is running with it, replacing the tired “MAGA” slogan on Trump’s famous red baseball cap with the title for their new Purge flick, which will take us back to the very first Purge night. It seems unlikely that Frank Grillo will join the mayhem this time around, but never say never. (Although we’ve already seen what inspired his revenge-Purging, there could be more to his past, I guess?)

As the teaser poster conveys, The First Purge will hit theaters on July 4 — and as any good Purge fanatic knows, that’s not just Independence Day; it’s Purge Night, baby!

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