As much as we love seeing our favorite genre stars pop up in unexpected places, TV-savvy folk well know that an actor being cast in a new project can very quickly spell doom for their existing characters. We've enjoyed seeing 'True Blood's' Janina Gavankar (and a lot of her) over the last two seasons, but is her recent casting in FOX's 'The Goodwin Games' an ill omen for Sam and Luna? Has Luna shifted her last shape?

According to TVLine, 'True Blood' star Janina Gavankar will next join the ranks of FOX's upcoming single-camera sitcom 'The Goodwin Games' in a recurring role. The series, from 'How I Met Your Mother' creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, follows three estranged siblings (Becki Newton, Scott Foley and TJ Miller) who are forced to work together in order to inherit their late father’s fortune.

According to the report, Gavankar will play a character named Hannah, ex-girlfriend and likely mother to TJ Miller's on screen child.

However, could this mean the end of Gavankar's skin-walker 'True Blood' character Luna, with only a single episode to go in the show's fifth season? Things certainly don't bode well, what with Luna being trapped along with Sam inside the headquarters of the Vampire Authority, and what with the character having escaped death's clutches twice already this season.

Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) teased to TV Guide not too long ago that "no one is safe" in the finale, referencing creator Alan Ball's statement of a "big body count." Not to mention, it would certainly fit the show's narrative to see Sam raising Luna's werewolf daughter Emma on his own next season. In another interesting coincidence, 'Goodwin Games' star Scott Foley recently finished his own turn on 'True Blood' as Terry's former commanding officer Patrick, before being killed off as well.

What do you think?  Could Gavankar survive 'True Blood' season 5, or his her 'Goodwin Games' casting purely coincidental?  Give us your take in the comments below!