The guys who brought us the horror film 'You're Next' now turn Dan Stevens from the charmingly handsome gent on 'Downton Abbey' to a trained ex-military killer for 'The Guest,' and the new trailer makes this next effort seem like another home run.

Adam Wingard returns to the director's seat for a story by Simon Barrett that sees the Peterson family attempting to deal with the tragic loss of their eldest son when they receive an unexpected visitor. David, who claims to have been close friends with their son, is here to look after them as a last favor to his army buddy. Though, he's definitely hiding something, which becomes more apparent when the 'Guest' trailer sees him in a high-speed chase with the cops, among other situations.

At least, he's willing to beat the living crap out of the younger Peterson's high school bullies. See, he's got some redeeming qualities beyond his piercing eyes and 'Downton' charm.

'The Guest' debuted at the SXSW Film Festival to high acclaim, but just based on what Wingard and Barrett pulled off in 'You're Next' -- an unexpectedly entertaining and refreshing take on a cliched horror storyline -- we're eager for moviegoers to get a taste of this film when it hits theaters on September 17.