Now that we know Peter Jackson plans on diving his upcoming adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’ into three distinct chapters, fans are going to want to grab a pair of nerdy unique 3D glasses that no doubt will contribute to the wondrous experience of venturing back to Middle Earth again and again (and again). RealD 3D has you covered. shared the first photos of the limited edition RealD 3D glasses that will be available in December when ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ arrives in theaters. They look like they are carved from wood, with a cool wraparound design and cutouts near the ears (which make it easier to loop your fingers in an remove them during what’s bound to be a series of very long movies).

We don’t have details, yet, on whether these glasses will be available during the entire theatrical run of ‘The Hobbit’ or more of an opening-weekend type of feature to help lure true fans to the theaters. Not that Jackson or his ‘Hobbit’ films need such gimmicks. The films – no matter how many he ends up making – are bound to be a hit.

Here are the glasses. What do you think? Do you like them? Would ever been seen in public wearing them?

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