Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. introduced 'The Hobbit' to CinemaCon this year with a 48 frames-per-second version that didn't go over too well with many who were present for the convention. Now comes word that Warner Bros. will do a limited release for the 48 FPS version.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. will give a limited release to the 48 FPS version of 'The Hobbit' in 3D. This frame rate requires a special kind of projection for theaters that can be quite costly. Seems that Warner Bros. is playing it safe with the new technology.

Variety also reports that sources who have seen the more finished version of the film say it looks much better than the stuff shown at CinemaCon, which is a relief, but it doesn't look like as many people will be seeing the 48 FPS version when the film hits theaters this December.

It'll cost the studio some serious money, since they'll now have to down-convert the film to the common 24 frames-per-second format for release. Depending on how well the 48 FPS version does in limited release, the studio may expand to more theaters, but not all projectors are equipped to present in this format.

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' was set to be the first of two films, but Jackson recently announced that they're expanding for a trilogy, with the second film scheduled to hit theaters in December, 2013.