You'll recall about a month ago we told you about the battle between two 'Hobbits'; that is, Warner Bros. 'The Hobbit' and The Asylum's crude knock-off, 'Age of the Hobbits.' Warner Bros. filed a lawsuit against the smaller studio, known for its "mockbusters," insisting they stop the release of their slightly similarly titled movie, with the idea being that they were infringing on their 'Hobbit' trademark. Meanwhile, The Asylum was all, "What are you talking about, this is a totally different thing!"

It appears as though, if you'll forgive the analogy, in this particular case of David vs. Goliath, Goliath has most definitely won. At least for now.

A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against The Asylum, meaning they cannot release 'Age of the Hobbits,' which was scheduled to come out today (Tuesday), a mere handful of days before 'The Hobbit's' unveiling. Judge Philip Gutierrez stated that, "The majority of factors weigh in favor of a finding of likelihood of confusion, and no factor weighs against such a finding."

You'll pardon us for scoffing just a bit, for if you look at any image or trailer for 'Age of the Hobbits,' you'll realize it's highly unlikely anyone would confuse this Bai Ling-starring cheapie about a tribe of little people engaged in a war with the "Java Men" with Peter Jackson's $250 million fantasy epic. That said, no one ever accused us of being knowledgeable of how the court system works.

You can expect The Asylum, known for classics like 'Transmorphers,' 'The Day the Earth Stopped' and 'Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies,' to fight the good fight in order to give the people the choice between two great films with 'Hobbit' in the title. For now, however, you'll just have to let 'An Unexpected Journey' tide you over until the real Hobbit movie is ready to be seen.

Check out the trailer below, but remember -- this is the 'Age of the Hobbits,' not 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.' It's easy to get mixed up.

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