Meet Jeremy Telford. The Utah balloon-enthusiast (who, yes, has a handlebar mustache) recently spent approximately 36 hours over three days recreating Bag End - Bilbo Baggins' house from 'The Hobbit' - in his living room using over 2,600 balloons. Because, why the heck not.

Helford is a self-proclaimed "balloon artist" who owns his own company - Balloon Guy Entertainment - and literally wrote the book on balloon art ("Balloonology" in book stores now). He also has some spare time on his hands and a living room that needed more of a Hobbit-esque feel. So Helford bought a s---load of balloons and got to puffing.

Three days later - working between 10-15 hours daily - Helford had successfully transformed his living room into Bag End, complete with fireplace, chandelier, apples and a rocking chair. It's a little nutty but yet pretty cool at the same time.

It certainly is some impressive (and time-consuming) work, as evidenced by the time-lapse creation video below. And you're going to want to make sure to watch the video in its entirety, which answers the question: How do you take all those balloons down (hint: you let kids run buck wild)?