'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is still playing in theaters (and making lots of money we might add) but you can already starting getting yourself ready for 'The Hobbit' DVD and Blu-ray. How about four different version of 'The Hobbit' DVD for all you Tolkein fans out there?

Amazon's French site has already posted the 'Hobbit' DVD details including a release date of April 17, 2013. And what's more, you'll have the standard DVD and Blu-ray selections to choose from, but also four "Ultimate Edition" steelbooks, each with a different 'Hobbit' character on the front.

As you can see above, there will 'Hobbit' DVD covers for Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum with a separate 3D edition that will feature a 3D cover of Gandalf. That 3D version of the disc will include the movie in 3D, the movie in 2D, a bonus disc of extra features and a digital copy of the film.

Not all the special features have been announced yet but the video blogs that were posted online are expected to be a part of the discs.

Of course, before you get too excited and pre-order this 'Hobbit' DVD or Blu-ray, remember that later this year around the holidays, they are expecting to release an "Extended Edition" of 'The Hobbit' on DVD (so, as it turns out, the "Ultimate" Edition won't actually be the ultimate).

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