Since the release of the second 'Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' trailer hit the airwaves during Tolkien Week, Peter Jackson and his crew at Warner Bros. have been light on the promotional material for the upcoming book-adapted flick. The director recently gave us a look at one of the new 'Hobbit' posters, which featured Bilbo holding his trusty "Sting" sword, but new images or sneaks at the film were scarce.

But now with the latest poster, some other characters from the highly anticipated December movie get their time in the spotlight.

Peter Jackson released the new 'Hobbit' poster through his Facebook page, which was also where he featured the last one. This time, though, the stars of the latest promotional material are none other than Bilbo's band of bumbling, hungry dwarves. Unfortunately, nothing new is offered other than a close-up look at each of their gorgeous faces, but the poster still succeeds at getting us all the more amped for when 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' hits theaters this December 14.

You can see the full poster below. What'd you think? Are you a fan of the new image or are you sick of all these minor promotions?

Warner Bros. via Facebook