The ‘Twilight’ saga may be coming to a close with the premiere of ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ in just a few days time, but that doesn’t mean Stephenie Meyer will be any less busy. One of her other non-vampire romance novels, ‘The Host,’ is getting the big screen treatment, and now the new poster from that film has been revealed, showing off its main star Saoirse Ronan.

Before we get to see her as the female lead opposite a star-studded cast in Wes Anderson’s latest, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ Saoirse Ronan will be featured in the new Stephenie Meyer-adapted movie ‘The Host.’ Now, thanks to the folks over at Fandango, we've got a new look at the actress in her role as the alien-possessed Melanie -- no close-up shots of her eye here!

'The Host' isn't like 'Twilight.' Instead of glistening vampires, we have invading aliens, one of which is implanted into Melanie, develops a bond with her host (ah! That's the name of the movie!) and together they work to aid the other humans not infected with alien souls. Directed by Andrew Niccol, 'The Host' features Max Irons and Jake Abel, also featured in the new poster.

Check out the full 'The Host' poster below.

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