'The Grand Budapest Hotel' has gone through a long period of ups and downs. Johnny Depp was first thought to play the male lead in Wes Anderson's latest, but it turned out that the internet was just pulling a fast one on us. Then Ralph Fiennes stepped into talks to take over the vacant spot, but Angela Lansbury bowed out.

Let's hope this next casting news sticks -- Saoirse Ronan, star of the upcoming vampire flick 'Byzantium,' has been tapped for the lead female role in the film.

So far, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' will feature Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Jude Law and Jason Schwartzmann, and now, according to Variety, Saoirse Ronan is the latest name to be added to the mix. Ronan is set to star opposite Fiennes in the period pic. Ronan is best known for her roles in 'The Lovely Bones,' 'Atonement,' and the still to come 'The Host' and 'Byzantium.'

Wes Anderson recently provided a bit more details into 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' revealing that "it mostly takes place about 85 years ago" in a Hungarian hotel and that Hollywood Europe works like 'To Be or Not To Be' and 'The Shop Around the Corner' served as his inspiration.

What do you think of the cast so far? Are there any other names you want to see join the Wes Anderson flick? Give us your thoughts on 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' in the comments below!