It's the end of the summer, and thus the end of the big blockbusters, but before we head into awards season we're getting a handful of horror flicks to hold our hand through the fall -- like 'The House at the End of the Street,' starring Jennifer Lawrence. Check out this new clip and featurette to help get you better acquainted with the film.

Jennifer Lawrence is following up 'The Hunger Games' with 'The House at the End of the Street,' in which she plays Elissa, a girl who moves to a new house with her recently divorced mother, Sarah (Elisabeth Shue). It's a lovely home in a lovely rural town, but what they don't know is that a girl murdered her family in the house next door and then up and disappeared. Things start to get pretty creepy when Elissa befriends Ryan (Max Thierot), the surviving member of the family. Has his sister come back? Or is Ryan a little bananas?

In the featurette, Lawrence explains the plot a little more, emphasizing that the film has a lot to do with gut instincts and what happens when our instincts are wrong. (Again, we're thinking this Ryan guy is cuckoo.) The short clip below that features Lawrence doing dishes while something scary is going on right outside her door; when she investigates, a friend sneaks up on her and scares her from behind. Jump scares! Here's hoping the rest of the film has something better to offer.

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