Though the turmoil of late night turnover in 2014 has passed, 'The Late Late Show' host Craig Ferguson had been the last of the impending empty seats, following the announcement of his departure. Now, a new report claims that not only will CBS continue with 'The Late Late Show,' but with 'Into the Woods' star James Corden filling Ferguson's spot as host.

Though neither CBS nor Corden's representation have confirmed the news, The Wrap reports that the 'Into the Woods' and onetime 'Doctor Who' star will succeed Craig Ferguson as host of 'The Late Late Show' after Ferguson's departure in December. Ferguson announced his departure in April, denying that it had anything to do with Stephen Colbert taking over 'The Late Show' from David Letterman.

Naturally, Corden's potential hosting duties have caused divisive reactions throughout the internet, particularly from those looking for the next prominent late night host to be someone other than a straight white man. CBS chairman Nina Tassler had previously said of the show's future, "It's an incredibly valuable time period. We haven't really thought about it yet. We want to let this sink in," while rumor mills in the meantime had placed everyone from 'Archer''s Aisha Tyler to 'Community''s Joel McHale in contention to replace Ferguson.

We still don't have any official confirmation, but what do you think? Should CBS have taken a bigger swing for its next 'Late Late Show' host, or will James Corden make a suitable replacement for Craig Ferguson?

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