Christmas has been around for hundreds of years, but our version of Christmas began with a very small novel, written by a probably average height man. Charles Dickens is credited with coming up with the very Christmas-ness of Christmas, that holiday spirit that drives people to light candles and gather family and drape pine branches and holly berries all over their furniture. With A Christmas Carol, Dickens revolutionized our portrayal of the holiday season, an evolution that will be dramatized by Dan Stevens and Dan Stevens’ wig in The Man Who Invented Christmas.

From the trailer, this looks like a pretty loose, whimsical retelling of the author’s days writing one of his most famous works, complete with characters actually materializing and talking to him. I gotta say, Christopher Plummer’s Scrooge looks absolutely perfect, even though we probably won’t get to see too much of him.

All in all, this looks like a fun family movie and an interesting take on a few weeks in the life of one great author. And I’m so glad that Dan Stevens is singlehandedly keeping the wig business going.

The Man Who Invented Christmas opens in theaters November 22. Bah humbug,

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