Summer season is almost over (even though it's mid-July), so it's time to start getting excited about the fall's biggest movies. And one we're very excited for is Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' which hits theaters October 12. Now it's got a poster.

And here it is:

We were alerted to this by Moviefone. This is likely the first poster for the film, with a second or third to come. This isn't like a big studio movie, so it's not like they're going to do four hundred posters for it, and because it's Paul Thomas Anderson, we doubt there will be a "floating heads"-style poster with all of its stars. This is somewhat obscure, and we like that about it.

'The Master' was filmed in 70mm, which means it's likely the only way to see it the way it was shot will be on IMAX screens. As most theaters are moving to digital projection, it's unlikely they can still play 70mm. But there's been little call for it of late. The last narrative film shot in the format was Kenneth Branagh's 'Hamlet' in 1996 and before that was Ron Howard's 'Far and Away' in 1992. This could be the last movie filmed this way.