By all accounts, Joaquin Phoenix is considered an Oscar frontrunner for his performance in 'The Master.' The only problem is that Phoenix himself wants no part of it. When asked about the possibility of an Oscar nomination, Phoenix took the chance to call the Academy Awards the "stupidest thing in the whole world."

Joaquin Phoenix was previously nominated for an Oscar for both 'Gladiator' and 'Walk the Line' and neither were experiences that Phoenix enjoyed. The actor spoke to Interview magazine and revealed his thoughts on the Oscars when asked about whether he would like to be nominated this year:

I'm just saying that I think it's bulls---. I think it's total, utter bulls---, and I don't want to be a part of it. I don't believe in it....It's the stupidest thing in the whole world. It was one of the most uncomfortable periods of my life when 'Walk the Line' was going through all the awards stuff and all that. I never want to have that experience again.

Soooo...that's a no, then?

It's hard to know how much comments like these will actually effect Phoenix's chances. Previously Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray were both critical and blase about the Oscars and many felt that cost then wins; Murphy for 'Dreamgirls' (he lost to Alan Arkin for 'Little Miss Sunshine') and Murray for 'Lost in Translation' (he lost to Sean Penn for 'Mystic River').

It certainly appears that Phoenix has no interest in showing up to events or promoting himself in any way for a Best Actor nomination. But is his performance in 'The Master' strong enough to overcome politicking?

What do you think of Phoenix's comments? Is he 100% right or is he biting the hand that feeds?

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