For those of you lucky enough to live in Chicago, Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' will be screening tomorrow, Thursday August 16, in 70mm at The Music Box Theater as a benefit for The Film Foundation (and you can get your tickets now). For those who live outside of Chicago, the film has released a new clip, which plays partly like a trailer.

The clip shows us footage of Philip Seymour Hoffman giving a speech, and it's intercut with memories from Joaquin Phoenix's character (it seems) and a talk he had with Amy Adams' character. What really stands out is the score by Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood. Perhaps this year the Academy will recognize his work (his score for 'There Will Be Blood' wasn't nominated in 2007).

We're sold on this picture one hundred percent, though with the film's September 14 release date approaching, it points out we're about to go from the light frilly fun of summer movies to the Oscar season. But as the end of the year approaches, we're happy to know one of our most anticipated films of the year hits in a couple of weeks, cause 'Django Unchained' doesn't come out until Christmas. Here's the clip: