There's been a flurry of news about Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' recently, as it had its release date bumped up, and it's joined a number of festivals. But though we know the broad outlines of the film (and rumored Scientology bashing), we're happy the film has release more stills so we can look at its actors.

Here's the synopsis:

A charismatic man returns home to America from World War II and forms a faith-based organization. He is now known as "the Master" and his belief system is catching on. As the group is gaining momentum and adding new converts, a young drifter arrives and becomes the Master’s invaluable aid.

We know that Joaquin Phoenix plays the drifter and Philip Seymour Hoffman the L. Ron Hubbard-esque creator of the new belief system.  Amy Adams plays Hoffman's wife and Jesse Plemons (from 'Friday Night Lights') plays his son. After that, we just have these gorgeous images to go by, though it seems in keeping with 'There Will Be Blood' and its themes of adopted sons and perilously built empires.

We can't wait for when the film finally comes out on September 14 , and these images have us all the more primed.

UPDATE: The photos have been removed at the request of The Weinstein Co.