First 'Harry Potter,' then 'Twilight,' then 'The Hunger Games' and now...'The Mortal Instruments.' While other Young Adult book-adapted films have tried to establish themselves as the next big teen movie series, 'The Mortal Instruments' is already doing it...and the first film, 'City of Bones,' hasn't even hit theaters yet!

THR reports that Constantin Films gearing up to bring 'The Mortal Instruments' author Cassandra Clare's prequel/spinoff book series 'Infernal Devices' to the big screen. Looks like the studio has a hell of a lot of faith in the Lily Collins-starring, Harald Zwart-directed film, which doesn't debut until this August 23.

'The Mortal Instruments' focuses on Collins' Clary Fray as she discovers she's a member of an angelic race of warriors known as Shadowhunters, who fight against demons and the forces of darkness. 'Infernal Devices,' then, tells a similar story but set in Victorian England with a different teen lead, and features some of the same characters from the main storyline.

So far, three books in the spinoff series have been published, though it's too soon to tell whether all three will be adapted for big screen treatments, or whether the studio will continue the 'Mortal Instruments' storyline into further films. We wouldn't be surprised though, keeping in mind that we're still wondering if sequels will be announced for previous YA movies (i.e. 'Beautiful Creatures 2,' 'Percy Jackson 3,' etc.)

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