The First Omen isn’t the greatest title — it’s as if it was concocted by an obnoxious internet commenter who only speaks in all-caps. There’s something insistent and sort of presumptuous about “First” in that title, and while yet another film — a prequel, no less — based on iconic horror classic The Omen is enough to trigger an eye roll, there’s reason to give this one the benefit of the doubt.

Okay, there’s exactly one reason to take it easy on The First Omen: Antonio Campos. THR reports that the director best known for Afterschool, Simon Killer and recent Sundance selection Christine will helm the new prequel with David Goyer producing. Campos’ indie dramas are unsettling characters studies that use a prolonged sense of dread to get under your skin. This is what makes The First Omen seem more interesting than your average studio horror flick / remake / sequel / whatever.

There’s an artful quality to what Campos does, and the subtle-yet-distinct feeling that he’s trying to provoke you. Title aside, his involvement guarantees that if nothing else, The First Omen will be quite interesting.

Plot specifics are unknown, but Richard Donner’s original 1976 film centered on an American ambassador (Gregory Peck) who becomes convinced that his son, Damien, is the Antichrist following a series of increasingly chilling events. Both The Omen and its 2006 remake explored Damien’s grotesque origins and hinted at a potentially intriguing history.

The First Omen is being developed at 20th Century Fox, and is based on a screenplay by Ben Jacoby, whose credits include the recent indie horror film Bleed and the upcoming Borderland, starring Bruce Dern.

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