The 'Pyramid' trailer knows what horror movies as old as the original 'Mummy' knew: ancient Egypt is really cool and really scary. After all, there are few things that lend themselves to scary cinema better than mummies and tombs and ancient curses, and those just come with the territory when you set a film in and around the pyramids.

After a quick montage that reminds us bad stuff tends to befall people who dabble with cursed places, objects and corpses, the 'Pyramid' trailer kicks into gear. A team of archaeologists discover a new pyramid buried in the desert, which is, of course, the discovery of a lifetime! But it's full of ancient, toxic air that seemingly kills a bunch of people, which is, of course, a horrible thing to happen. But they decide to venture inside anyway, which is, of course, a terrible idea.

The trailer gives the film a strong 'The Descent'-in-the-desert vibe, but the found-footage format definitely offers a more distinct feeling. Though we're finally starting to tire of faux doc-horror movies, this one looks creepy enough to overcome that format's limitations. Plus, first-time director Gregory Levasseur knows a thing or two about this genre, having scripted 'High Tension,' 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Maniac.'

'The Pyramid' will arrive in theaters on December 5.