Here’s what you need to know about ‘The Salvation’: it features ‘Hannibal’ star Mads Mikkelsen and Eternal Queen of Darkness Eva Green, and it’s a gritty and bloody revenge-filled Western that takes place in the 19th century…which sounds absolutely amazing. The first U.S. trailer has arrived for the upcoming film, and it definitely promises a whole lot of dusty outlaw violence.

Mikkelsen stars in the film as a Danish settler who, like many of his fellow Danish folk, arrives in America after defeating the Germans in a war, hoping to find a new life. When he murders the outlaws responsible for killing his family, the settler draws the vengeful attention of the town’s notorious gang leader, who marks him for death.

‘The Salvation’ also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jonathan Pryce, along with Eva Green, who looks like this in the film (via The Playlist):


Yes, that’s Eva Green with a gangster face tattoo and a slash across her mouth, and she looks like she’s ready to make some people real, real dead. Has she ever looked this fierce?

And for those of you who have only become acquainted with Mikkelsen through his stellar work on NBC’s ‘Hannibal,’ this should show you another, grittier side to the fantastic actor. ‘The Salvation’ hits select theaters and VOD on February 27.