Sunday's cliffhanger in the 'Walking Dead' finale left the prison gang in a bit of a pickle with episode "Too Far Gone," but it's the big February 9 premiere that has us the most worried for everyone's safety. Check out a new sneak peek of 'The Walking Dead''s 2014 return with the first premiere clip right here!

Spoiler warnings abound for midseason finale "Too Far Gone," but it seems Rick and Carl have already found some new shelter in the wake of the prison's fall, one which should prove very familiar to comic-book readers. In the latest sneak peek from the February 9 premiere that debuted on 'Talking Dead,' Carl attempts to lure a pair of walkers away from a house, offering himself up as bait.

So where might Rick be during the clip, you ask? Well, we're guessing the absence has something to do with either that heavy beating sustained at the Governor's hands or perhaps the bullet that grazed his leg shortly before. Then again, there's always the grief over what apparently happened to baby Judith, but now that the prison is no more, all factors remain in play.

Will Rick and Carl be able to survive long enough to reunite with the main group? Where might Carl be leading the walkers? Check out our first sneak peek of next year's 'Walking Dead' return above, and give us your predictions for the February 9 premiere in the comments!

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